Friday, 24 September 2010

Shadowland: Powerman

Action Ash
I am generally quite positive about the comic book industry, but I thought I'd join in with Valhallahan's Positivity week anyway, to talk about the comics I've enjoyed in recent times.

Being a Luke Cage fan I was excited when I heard about the new Powerman character, as some of you may remember, and I must say it did not disappoint. Well it hasn't yet anyway. Sweet Christmas! I am loving the this series. The first two issues have been great, with references to Luke Cage's past and the cameos in issue 2, this mini series has been an enjoyable tribute to the legacy of Luke Cage. Although I am upset that nobody has been called, nor called anyone, a turkey. I think all this needs is a bit more jive and street talk to sweeten the deal.

Even so, this is a brilliant introduction to a new character, and one that I hope will stick around. The new Powerman is different from Cage, a fresh new take on the "Hero for Hire" deal. The writing is yet another example of Van Lente's wit and extreme competence in the realm of satisfying storytelling, with amazing action sequences. Asrar's art suits the tone well, not taking itself too seriously but could be a little better in some places.

Van lente my brother, you keep this up and you gon' have plenty of stash in yo' slide. Ya dig!