Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Bulletproof Coffin

The Bulletproof Coffin

Story by David Hine

Art by Shaky Kane

I've only managed to track down #2-3 of this so far, but I really like what I see. Shaky Kane's trippy visuals are certainly an acquired taste, a taste I hadn't acquired in the olden days when I were a lad and he was doing "Shaky's Believe It Or Not" in the back of 2000 AD those really twisted my melon man. Now, life having twisted my melon right round baby right round I am thoroughly digging Mr Kane's artwork. Kane somehow makes everything in central character Steve Newman's life so relatably mundane yet at the same time... off. The seams of Steve's little life don't quite meet. His drab reality is being broken apart by the comic book worlds he so obsessed over, the lines blurring between what is and isn't to the extent that he may be living his dream or he may just be tripping balls.

Packed with cultural references real and falsified at the same time as being a gripping yarn in and of itself, this is a real princely package. Kane and Hine also embellish their weird world with features on the double fictional stars of the story at the back, alongside fake letter pages, which is just spiffing of them quite frankly.