Sunday, 5 September 2010

What I Got and Why 03/09/10

Howdy folks! Well it looks like I'm buying for 2 this week, because I got a bumper crop of (hopefully) awesome books. Let's get stuck in on the Whats and the Whys.

Jonah Hex #59 - Jordi Bernet, my favourite Jonah Hex artist (alongside Phil Noto and J.H. Williams III) returns this issue and it looks like another classic ish. I'm glad they haven't made a really shit film of this character to taint my joy.

Sweet Tooth #13 - I love this series, it's just so beautifully fucking bizarre.

iZombie #5 - I'm still getting this for the pretty pictures really, which means it could be lining up for the chopping block if the story doesn't hook me soon.

Scarlet #2 - The first issue had me intrigued but not entirely sold. Either way, Alex Maleev's art is gorgeous and it's nice to see Bendis away from the Marvel Universe for a change.

Taskmaster # 1 - I've always had a soft spot for this character, goofy costume and all (think Skelletor's head stuck on a Deathstroke toy). This mini has Taskmaster fighting for his life against a who's who of Marvel's Manic Militias, all of whom his previous employers. With Fred Van Lente writing I'm sure it'll be a doozy.

Gorilla Man #3 - Despite some gripes I have about the art, I've really enjoyed this series. It's been a fun tale with Mr Hale and the golden age Gorilla Man back up reprints make each issue a groovy package.

Origins of Marvel: X-Men - I'm not a regular X-Reader, but I've got enough stored up fondness for Marvel's Merry Mutants that I do like to keep up to date with what's being done with the characters. This issue is another one of those one page per character origins books that I'm digging at the moment. Some lovely art (X-23) and some shite (Wolverine) but the good outweighs the bad. My problem is that they're starting to repeat themselves now, that and the feeling that this is something they should be giving out free to ensnare new readers.

Stumptown #4 - It's been ages since I saw this on the stands but I'm pretty sure I was enjoying it. I was wasn't I? Oh well I've bought it now.

Ex Machina Vol 9: Ring Out The Old - Another book I buy in trades and another book that I've totally forgotten what's happened in. Always a good read, stellar art by Tony Harris and it's written by Brian K Vaughan, remember him? He used to write comics.

CLiNT #1 - Hmm... could've done without the Lad's Mag bits but I'm glad it exists.

This weeks books were purchased at Chaos City Comics in St Albans. A fine establishment.