Saturday, 25 September 2010

What I Got and Why 24/09/10

Well hush my mouth! It turns out that far from being a slow week, I returned from Orbital with rather a stack (via a very sweaty gig at the 100 Club from which I'm still recovering). Sadly said magnificently stocked outlet didn't have what I said I'd pick up for Action Ash leading to a text I hope no one sees out of context: "I couldn't get Morning Glories for you today Ash". Anyway brothers and sisters, on to the books...

CBGB OMFUG #2 & 3 - As I said before, I wasn't blown away by the first issue of this anthology series based on the theme of the eponymous New York club, but I'm interested/pretentious enough to persevere in the hopes of something magical happening. Watch this space. Also of note, one of the stories written by Anna Matronic of Scissor Sisters fame.

Vertigo Verite: Hell Eternal - I seem physically incapable of leaving Orbital without rooting through the Vertigo back issues, and today was no different. This is a one off written by Jamie Delano, the original Hellblazer writer, and drawn by Sean Phillips, industry superstar and 2badguys love object. Hell Eternal is printed under the same "Verite" banner as Girl and I loved the hell out of that, so I figured I'd give this a try. I've no fucking clue what it's about.

The Walking Dead #77 - I really rate this book. If you haven't done so already, you should read the first trade. Just do it. Even if it's just so you can tell your friends you prefer the original when the TV series starts next month. You won't regret it!

The Bulletproof Coffin #4 - I spoke about this the other day, so I'll just say that at a glance this issue seems to be living up to expectations. Top Hole!

DV8: Gods and Monsters #6 - I'm in it for the duration now, and hopefully "In this issue, Something Happens!" Another great cover from Fiona Staples as well, her covers have been the highlight of the series for me.

Streets of Gotham #16 - This one's fallen into my "on probation" list, I think because the last few issues haven't gripped me that much. It's still a good book, don't get me wrong; I love the extended world of Batman's allies and rogues, and this series definitely delivers, but I might just have read too much of it now.

Invincible Vol 13: Growing Pains - As Ash was saying the other week, this is superhero comics at it's finest and all in one (mostly) self-contained series. In this volume we have action galore as Invincible is run ragged and the stage is set for the upcoming Viltrumite War! My only problem with is now I have to wait six months for the next trade or start buying single issues to see what happens next. Damn you Kirkman, 2 fine books in one week.

What I dropped and Why
Secret Avengers #5 - It's not that this is bad comics, I just don't find myself needing to pick up the new issue. The first story arc of this blockbuster, big-screen superheroics series was good n'all, but I just lost interest. It could be a product of my dwindling interest in the Marvel Universe, or just that having read as many Marvel superhero comics as I have, I just feel I've seen it all before. Either way, adios Secret Avengers I won't see you in the funny pages.

*I also shaved all my hair off this week, but you're probably not interested in that.