Friday, 3 September 2010

Johnny Come Lately: Invincible

Action Ash
Looking on comic shop shelves for interesting new series is something I enjoy doing and if there's a new superhero that looks good, I'm all for it. So I'm not really sure how I missed something as pleasingly proud to be a superhero comic as Invincible.
I remember seeing it around and thinking it looked kind of cool, but also thinking that there was a lot of it, and not wanting to have to catch up. I still can't believe that I actually did that to myself.

For those of you who don't know, Invincible is about Mark, the teenage son of the alien superhero Omniman. He has recently inherited his fathers powers and we join him in his journey of learning to use them and juggle teenage life with being a superhero. I know, I know, the last part sounds like Spider-man, and it kind of is except without all the whining. Mark's attitude is mirrored in the comics light hearted feel, he likes being a hero and that's that.

The series is great at handling the superhero genre and is probably one of the best superhero titles I've read in years. It also has the uncanny, but satisfying, ability to give the feeling of a complete universe in one book. No buying ten different titles just to keep up with the latest event, Invincible makes you feel like you've got all of the action right there in your hands.

I'm now a complete Invincible junkie, waiting for Valhallahan to lend me the trades two at a time like a skag head waiting for his next fix of junk.

Thanks for that Valhallahan *Thumbs up*