Saturday, 25 September 2010

It Came From The Bargain Bin!

I love giving to charity, particularly when I get a stack of comic books in return. With that in mind, I went to Oxfam in the leafy suburb of Hertford to ransack their rather tasty collection of second hand comic books and collected this funny little pile of picture books for the combined price of £2.94. Nice.
Here's what I got and why.

Icon #1 - I've always had a soft spot for the Milestone characters but apparently I didn't actually buy many of the comics (apologies to Dwayne McDuffie) and the books I did buy in my childhood seem to have largely disappeared, so I always pick up issues when I see them on the cheap. Icon was Milestone's sort-of-Superman character, but as with all of the Milestone characters, it's not quite that simple... Incidentally, the cover pictured here (that I nicked off the internet) is not the same as the copy I bought, I didn't realise they did alternate covers.

Marvel Two-In-One #86 - I'm one of those fans that really likes the thing in theory, but I rarely buy any books with him in. I bought this purely for the awesome cover image of The Thing and Sandman chilling in a pub. Good times. I'm actually amazed that this monthly book which featured various heroes teaming up with The Fantastic Four's The Thing (that's a lot of 'The's) lasted as long as it did, no way a title like that would make it to 86 issues in today's market. This Issue came out in 1982 - the year before I was born, fact fans!

The Shadowmen #2 - I'd never heard of this series before, it came out in 1990 and is written by some guy called Mark Millar. Never hear of him. Anyway the art is so bleak and "Adult Comics" that Action Ash will laugh in my face when he sees it. Love it, and from the looks of it, the story is about miserable people looking miserable. Get in!

Sebastian O #1 & 2 - This is an oddball, steampunk-y victoriana tale from Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell I've often glanced at this on the shelves but stopped short of buying it, but two of the three issues for 50p an issue was an offer I couldn't refuse. I'll let you know if it was worth it.

Satan's Six #1 - This really looks like some kind of idiot bastard son of a comic, but I just couldn't resist the creative team involved. The pencils for most of the book are by Jack King Kirby, and he's inked by Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane and Steve Ditko. Yes, you heard that right. Sadly there are a lot of awful looking filler pages by some 90s hack joining the dots. This is truly an odd fish. Published by Topps.