Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Walking Wounded

"The House That Dripped War"

Story By Chris Denton

Art by Steven Denton

I picked up Walking Wounded while in the grip of a buying frenzy. Me and Action Ash were at a Comic Exhibition (Con? Festival? I don't know what you'd call it, leave me alone) quite a while ago, but much like 12 Hour Shift, that I bought at the same time, I've only got around to reading it recently. My plan on the day was to buy a shit tonne of self published comics to review for the site, but for the most part I wasn't that impressed and rather than rip them apart on the blog, or just do a puff piece out of politeness they just ended up filed under "Shit I might Read At Some Point" on the floor next to my bed. It's a pretty big pile.

Any road, I finally read WW this week and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a series of rip-roaring war yarns held together in places by scenes of Martian historians in the year 3174, so far so mental. The artwork is strong, it's very reminiscent of the old Combat magazines or some such Boy's Own adventure magazine. What sets this apart is the tongue in cheek charm of it all and the extreme comic book violence betwixt the covers. I absolutely loved it, and although it's a little rough around the edges at times, I heartily recommend picking it up.

Oh and what made me get it in the first place? The title of this issue is The House That Dripped War! I don't think I need say anything else really.