Tuesday, 28 September 2010

On the Pulse!

Action Ash
Well first up, it seems that Scott Snyder, scribe of American Vampire, will be starting a run on Detective Comics in November. The bad guys will be waiting for that one, Mr Snyder.

Marvel have released previews for the first two issues of their new superhero crossover epic, Chaos War. Koi Pham is on scribble duty and it is looking pretty nifty. For instance, check out this awesome depiction of Galactus. Click on it to link to the preview of Chaos War #2.

Last but not least: Aint it typical, that now I've decided to give up on Secret Avengers they go and put Shang Chi in the line up. That's right folks, issue 6 will see the fist throwing, fast kicking chinaman back in action as the new addition to the roster. I'm thinking about picking it up again solely for this reason.

That's it for now, see you in the funny pages. \m/