Friday, 21 May 2010

What I got and Why 20/5/10

Avengers #1 - I'm giving Bendis' Avengers one last chance, but I have to say I've fallen out of love with his Writing.
American Vampire #3 - Still intrigued, but still not blown away.
Girl Comics #2 - Issue one was a trifle underwhelming, but I’m still hoping for some gems.
Zatanna #1 - I really enjoy Paul Dini's writing and he's proven adept at writing the character in Detective comics and the Animated series. Art looks like a toned down Wieringo to me.
Streets of Gotham #12 - I’m enjoying this series, and the Manhunter back-up is great.
Hellblazer #267 - With Peter Milligan onboard, Hellblazer seems to be returning to the glory days. Can't wait for Shade The Changing Man next issue.
The Walking Dead #72 - I shouldn’t need to explain why.
Atlas #1 - This is a wonderful series, in whatever form it's being printed in these days.