Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lady Gaga Free Comic

FAME: Lady Gaga
by I dunno, Chimps?

Free Comic Book Day has now come and gone and unfortunately the pickings were fairly slim from where I was standing. Slimmest of all though was the Lady Gaga book.

I’d heard of this a while ago and was intrigued, I’m not a pop fan myself (not nearly enough songs about drinking yourself to death) but I can appreciate the spectacle and sense of theatre Lady Gaga brings to that turgid waste-pipe of a genre. Anyway, Action Ash hates Gaga so I thought I’d pick it for the next Swap-Shop Massacre and make him read it, but having read it myself I’m going to spare him the misery.

With her old school glam, avant-garde visuals and stage persona, I was secretly hoping for something cool with the comic, something like the Kiss comics of the 70s or some kind of Jem and the Holograms for the new century, but damn, was I wrong! It was only a preview, but unless there’s some kind of ‘Silencio’ switcheroo on page 8 where the writer, artist and story changes, the full book is gonna be a bona fide sack o’ shit.

Weirdly the story focuses on a miserable, fat music snob discovering Gaga and falling in love with her, ditties and all. Who’s Lady Gaga? I hear you ask. Well her apparently.

…No, me neither. I think this picture says more about the art than I ever could.

I’ll be saving my money to track down Marvel's time-travelling Billy Ray Cyrus comic.

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René Reiche said...

Pic says more than anybody ever could!!