Sunday, 23 May 2010

Legacies #1

Legacies #1
In the beginning...
Written by Len Wein
Art by Andy Kubert

Action Ash
A series designed to tell the story of the history of the DC Universe, naturally starts off in the golden age. We follow Paul Lincoln, now an old man, from his childhood in the 1940's as he comes into contact with various masked adventurers and through this we learn the history of the DCU.
This first issue features The Crimson Avenger, The Sandman, The Atom (original) in the main story and Doctor Fate and The Spectre in the back up material.

I love Golden age comics so this first issue was great for me. Also, not knowing as much about the days of DC past as I do about Marvel's, this series will be an enjoyably geeky history lesson for me.
Nicely scripted, it felt almost like DC'S attempt at their own version of a Marvels Project style series, which I do not feel is a bad thing. Marvels Project was a great little series and the chance to see something similar for a different universe makes me smile.

Andy Kubert on the pencils with his old dad, Joe, on inks, provides this book with a lovely aesthetic that suits the story well. Also the first two pages are by a certain mister Scott Kolins, however they are almost unrecognisable as him due to the colourist (Mike Atiyeh). This matters not, however, because they are as fantastic as the rest of the book, the first page being one of the best and a great way to start it off.
J.G. Jones provides pencils for the back up strip which is equally awesome, his renderings of The Spectre and Dr Fate being among the best I've seen.

This is a nice little package and you definitely get your moneys worth.

4 felled fedora wearing mobsters out of 5


Valhallahan said...

I enjoyed this. Really reminded me of the original Marvels series.