Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What I got and Why 14/05/10


Wolverine #900 - I'm a fan of Wolverine, and enjoy anthologies in general; this book was proper shit though. More on it later.

New Avengers: Finale - I got this for closure, then I realised it wasn't being cancelled, so now I'm just confused.

Daytripper #6 - Loving this series. Hopefully we'll be doing something on it here in the near future.

Siege #4 - Though my interest is dwindling through Crossover Fatigue, I am still a fan of the Marvel Universe as a whole, so I feel I have to keep up with current events. I’ve enjoyed the series so far?

The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 - I'm not a fan of Grant Morrison's recent work on the character, but I do like Batman, so I got this to see what the current direction is and if it’s worth my time - Jury's still out.

Heroic Age Preview - To see how much money Marvel are attempting to leech out of me in the coming months.

What I didn’t Got:

Prince of Power #1 - The shop I was in didn’t have this in stock. They had it in Action Ash’s shop though. Bastards.