Friday, 28 May 2010

On the pulse!

Action Ash

I will now divulge to you the current, up to date, finger on the pulse comic book information that I have become aware of.

First up: There is a Flash movie in the works, with Geoff Johns as co-producer and screenwriter. With Johns on board it could be amazing. Lets just hope it doesn't get stuck in development hell.

Also Green Lantern will be getting his own animated series to be shown on Cartoon Network. If it's half as good as JL Unlimited or his own animated movie First Flight, it will be awesome.

Firestar to Join the Young Allies. Anyone care?

With the release of X-Men #1, July 8 has been labelled X-Men Day by Marvel. How are they going to celebrate, you ask? By releasing a shit load of variant covers for people to spend money on. The most interesting of these is the Blank variant that you can use to draw your own cover. I like the idea but on the other hand it's just lazy. Next they'll be getting us to write our own stories and draw our own double page splash panels of epic battles between super powered peeps.



Valhallahan said...

That's not even an original idea!
Gen 13 issue one did a DIY cover about fifteen years ago, and they probably weren't even the first.

Firestar? Young? The former New Warrior, Amazing Friend, Hellion and Avenger who was introduced before I was born?

The one thing that makes me want to read Young Allies is that the bad guys are called "The Bastards of Evil".

Looking forward to the GL series though. You ever see the Duck Dodgers episode with the Lantern Corps in?