Friday, 28 May 2010

Thunderbolts #144

Thunderbolts #144
The Boss
Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Kev Walker

Action Ash

With the siege of Asgard over and the Heroic age beginning, the Thunderbolts programme has been taken over by Steve Rogers and he has big plans for it. He has assigned Luke Cage to recruit a motley crew of scoundrels and blaggards to fight on the side of good.

The line up is quite the interesting mix of characters: Luke Cage as leader, Songbird as what appears to be second in command, Mach IV, Crossbones, Ghost, Moonstone, Man-Thing, and the Juggernaut, bitch.

The story starts quite nicely with Cage jumping out of a huge transport plane and crashing down into the courtyard of the prison for superhuman criminals known as the Raft. He then talks to each recruit individually, in a way that gives you information about each character in case you don't know their backgrounds. Then, before they get to start their training, it ends with a cool little surprise and cliffhanger.

Kev Walker provides inspiring illustration, and sets the tone for the series which I hope he will keep up in the issues to come.

Nice book, you should try it.

3 and a half repenting criminals out of 5