Monday, 18 October 2010

What I got and Why: My comic book weekend.

Action Ash
My new university timetable means that I am busy all day on Thursdays, so I now have to wait that extra day to get my grubby little hands on the week's funny books. This displeases me. Anyway, on Friday I dropped by Chaos City Comics (St Albans) and picked up a bunch of cool stuff:

Knight and Squire #1 - I just want to take the time to rub it in because Valhallahan did not get a copy (Sucker!). This book is quite simply brilliant in it's British-ness.

Superior #1 - The new creator owned project from Mark Millar and Leinel Yu. Looks great!

Shadowland #4 - Penultimate Issue! Glad it's coming to an end soon tbh.

Tomb of Terror - This one shot from Marvel is a nod to their awesome horror titles of the 70's, with all the classics, Werewolf by Night, Daimon Hellstrom Son of Satan, Man-Thing and N'Kantu the living Mummy.

Thor #616 - The new creative team are looking good. Can't wait to see where Fraction takes this title.

Magnus, Robot Fighter #2 - Loved the first one, this one looks just as good, with even better action sequences.

New Avengers #5 - I like this book but I hope not all the story arcs are going to be 3 issue stories stretched beyond their natural length for the convenience of trade conversion.

I also picked up this delightfully fiendish collection of horror comics from the 50's, entitled Four Colour Fear. There are some great tales in this book, and a glossy section in the middle displaying some amazing covers. If you're a fan of bizarre old comics then pick this up without hesitation.

My comic book weekend didn't stop there folks.

My fellow bad guy and I graced the streets of this great nation's capital, in search of thrills and spills. Instead we found comics and Chilango's. I picked up...

Morning Glories #2 (Second printing) - Almost forgot I missed this, so I was glad to get hold of it. This issue is looking just as promising as the first.

Vault of Evil #10 - A 70's horror comic from Marvel. I love this shit!

A fat pulled pork burrito - The absolute antidote to hunger!