Monday, 25 October 2010

What I Got And Why 23/10/2010


Vertigo: Resurrected #1 - This is an extremely fucking good collection of books from those lovely people at Vertigo, and I can tell you this with some degree of conviction because I've read 90% of the fucking thing before! It's an expensive package, but full of gems, I'm just peeved that I have so much of it already. YOU should definitelly buy it though. I'll do a full review in a bit.

Hellblazer #272 - The lead up to John's possible upcoming nuptuals continues! We have Epiphany stuck in the past with seedy young John and Bisley art and Our John in the present with Camuncoli and a Succubus WAG. It's like 'Life on Mars' but with more bastards and more sex. Also this issue ties in to the House of Secrets Annual which was a nice touch.

DV8: Gods and Monsters #7 - Stuff does seem to be happening in this series now, but I must say a lot of the sheen has worn off. One more issue to go and I'll be glad when it finishes to be honest, it seems like I've been reading the introduction to a story for over half a year now. It doesn't help that Brian Wood seems to have missed the mark completely on a couple of characters.

The Walking Dead #78 - It's all kicking off now! After what seems like (but actually isn't when you think about it) a fairly calm stretch, Kirkman's about to blow things out of the water again as the series leads up to "No Way Out".

Chaos War #2 - Buy this. It's flipping awesome. In this issue The All New, All Different God Squad is formed as all hell literally breaks loose! Some have said this is similar to DC's recent Blackest Night crossover, but I didn't read that, so some people can shut their holes. Go Herc!

I also got Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, so expect a movie review soon.