Saturday, 9 October 2010

What I Got and Why 08/10/10

CBLBF Liberty Annual - This is the Annual fund raiser for the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund, and as ever it's a big parcel of freedom of speech-themed shorts and pin ups from big industry names and characters. Here we have Conan by Darick Robertson, Dave Gibbons on Martha Washington, Frank Miller's Sin City, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba give us a 4 page short, Paul Pope a 2 page spread, a Milk and Cheese 2 pager, and many more... we do get a 2 page shit-smear by Rob Liefeld too though, so it's not all fun and games.

Scalped #41 - This months issue begins with an attempted abortion-by-coat-hanger, so cheery as usual then. In all seriousness though, this series is really, really fucking good. This storyline is dealing, not for the first time, in issues of parenthood and familial responsibility, among hardasses on the 'Rez. And because this is Scalped, we've also got a murder investigation, a man hunt and a struggle with heroin addiction to round things out. Buy Vol. 1 now if you haven't already (Which you should have).

American Vampire #7 - Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's excellent off beat retro vamp story continues apace. It's 1936 and we're still in Vegas with Chief McCogan who unfortunately for him has just run into our old friend Skinner Sweet... Oh Crumbs!

iZombie #6 - Y'know what? I'm actually really digging this, I was picking it up for the super freaking duper artistic endeavors of Mormon Maestro Mike Allred, but I've found myself hooked on the story now too. Who'd a thunk? This issue is sub-titled "I, Were-Terrier: Who He Is And How He Came To Be" and appears to be an Origin story (duh). Also, does it make me a massive thicko that I've only just seen the Gwen/Dead Girl connection?

The Spirit #6 - This is the first time I've picked up The Spirit, despite it's reputation, Peripheral things like the Godawful Frank Miller movie and the classic Spirit's sidekick "Ebony White", I bit the bullet here because the back up strip is by the 100 Bullets team of Brian Azzarrello and Eduardo Risso.

Fanastic Four in... iAtaque Del M.O.D.O.K.! - I'm by no means a Fantastic Four fan, but I'm always curious about books that take characters in a different direction, and I'm a sucker for pretty artwork. Here we have incredibly eye catching visuals from Juan Doe and to my knowledge the first appearance of Puerto Rican hero iEl Vejigante! And AIM monkeys.

What I Didn't Got Coz It Woz Sold Out
Taskmaster #2 - Bugger.