Sunday, 8 August 2010

Man Against Machine

Magnus, Robot Fighter #1
Metal Mob part one: Taken
Written by Jim Shooter
Art by Bill Reinhold

Action Ash
In the year 4000 the human race relies too much on robots, and as a result are defenseless when the robots start rebelling and some humans start using robots for criminal activity. But there is still hope. A man named Magnus was raised by a robot to be the pinnacle of human perfection and have "steel smashing strength". He fights to protect humanity from the misuse of robots and robots that have rebelled against their creators. After failing to stop the kidnapping of a rich girl, our hero is drawn deeper into what he believes to be a robot conspiracy.

I enjoyed this comic for it's sheer high concept sci-fi story and retro charm. It remains faithful to it's source material and is written in a way that implies the story could be a continuation of the original 60's series.
The story is simple but enjoyable, although at times it seems a little rushed. It grabs your attention at the beginning with a nice little action sequence and keeps it with fast paced intrigue and robot smashing!

The story is embellished with some nice pencils by Reinhold and cool colours by Wes Dzioba (how the hell do you pronounce that?). The art does a good job of giving it a retro feel, with some panels looking like they could be retouched 60's sci-fi comic fare (in a good way =P).

Also, the great thing about this book is, after you've read the main story, you can read a reprint of the first Magnus story with no extra added to the cover price. That truly makes this the 56-page spectacular the cover states it is.

This book is an Action packed, retro-futuristic adventure that definitely entertained me and left me wanting to see more of the muscle bound hero karate chopping mechanical necks and appendages. In short, it was my kind of nonsense.

4 dudes in skirts, bare-fist fighting with robots out of 5


Valhallahan said...

Best. Origin. Ever.