Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bye Bye Bucky: Captain America #610


Well that was... Ok, I guess. Perhaps I’m being unduly harsh, but after that drawn out story that lead to exactly nothing, I’m out. Adieu James Buchannan Barnes, I hardly knew ye. Actually that’s a lie. It’s a testament to Ed Brubaker’s skill as an author that I feel like I do know Barnes inside and out. It really is impressive how much Bru got out of what initially sounds like the worst, most clichéd 90s-esque character since Cable "It’s Bucky, like from the 40s, but he’s not really dead, and he’s all dark now and used to be a secret government assassin and now he’s got a robot arm and grunge hair and he’s got like, a bunch of guns and he’s got a mysterious past with Nick Fury, Wolverine and the Black Widow and did I mention he’s Dark?" See what I mean? This could have ended up like an X-treme Captain America, like Captain Mother Freaking America Liefeld Yeah! Thankfully it didn’t. Brubaker’s Captain America run has been superhero comics at their best, but aside from the Two Captains America story, it’s been treading water for a little while now, so I’m going to quit while I’m level.

Of course it could just be that I’ve read too much of it now after 60-odd issues, and when the next trade paperback release comes around I might have has a sufficient break and be singing a different tune but I don’t think so. I give Zemo storyline three and a bit star-spangled shields out of five, it was the last thing they had to do with the character, make him face the son of the man that ruined his life in the first place but now that’s over with I just feel that the story has run its course.

I can’t actually remember what happened in the back up strip, but I’ve not been impressed by that since day one, so I really won’t be missing it. Nomad scores two mopey hoodies out of a possible gang of happy slappers.