Saturday, 28 August 2010

What I Got and Why 27/08/10

Not an interesting week to write about, but a great selection of books to read. To counter, the tedium of reading "I always get it" over and over, I'm going to write this in the style of Yoda. Looking forward to getting stuck in am I...

Captain America #609 - Good Solid Comics this is! Interesting are the further adventures of Bucky. Wars not make one great, robot arm and Russian spy girlfriend help.
Heroic Age Prince of Power #4 - Loved this mini I did; See how they’re going to wrap it all up in this issue, I can not. Follow in Chaos War event it will. Laughed my tits off last issue did I.
Scalped #40 - Grim lives have they, full of misery are they. Transcendental comics are they. Proper cunt Redcrow is.
Bullet Proof Coffin #3 - An Issue from this mad looking series finally have I found! Bloody mental it looks.
Superman/Batman #75 - Curious was I. Mostly shit it was.