Wednesday, 4 August 2010

That's not my X-Force

Action Ash
What the hell are Marvel doing?

Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost did a great job with re-inventing X-Force as a black ops team created by Cyclops and kept secret from the rest of the X-men. The great storytelling was embellished with great art from Clayton Crain and even better art by Mike Choi. It was all going swimmingly and then at the end of Second Coming this had to happen...

Why this line up?
Deadpool does not need to be in another ongoing. It's like the 90's coming back to haunt me. Look at the size of those guns!
Why don't they just bring Liefeld back and let him ruin comics all over again?

It probably doesn't help that, the first time they choose to reveal this line up, they do it through the questionable art of Mr Land. I mean at least he's not drawing it. Ah well, nevermind. It looks like I'll be saving myself some money because that's one less series I'll be buying.