Monday, 16 August 2010

London Comic book Adventure

Action Ash

It was Saturday afternoon and I had finished work, so I put down the boning knife, took off the apron and boater hat and joined my fellow bad guy at the train station. This is where we started our journey to fabled London. An epic journey of replacement buses, bad weather, good weather, strolls through parks, Burritos, rude middle aged women and Peter Sutcliffe references.

But most of all it was a day of comic books!

I managed to pick up some bits in Orbital that I had missed over the past two weeks.

Nancy in Hell #1 - Heard of this and was curious, so I picked it up to give it a try. It looks pretty cool if not a bit cheesy. I mean who wouldn't want to read about a hot piece of white trash, in cut off denim hot pants hacking up demons with a chainsaw...IN HELL! Amirite?

Strange Science Fantasy #2 - I didn't buy the first one because, even though it looked wicked, I wanted to save money and the best way to do that was to stop buying loads of comics just because they looked cool. This one looked awesome too, and the character of the Shogunaut was intriguing.

Prince of Power #3 - I don't know how I missed this one but I'm glad I got it in the end. Hercules and Amadeus are just too cool.

We also visited Forbidden Planet where I had to stop myself spending all my money on trades. However I had to buy something, so I picked up this:

The Silver Surfer Marvel Pocketbook - I fancied a bit of Silver age Marvel that I wasn't really familiar with. You've gotta love the cosmic nonsense in comics.


Valhallahan said...

How was Strange Science Fantasy?

Action Ash said...

It was good!
I reckon the first one would of been better though.
It seems to be about something different every time and it's always something mental.