Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Massive Disappointment

Well that’s annoying.

The Massive #2

We at 2Badguys do not approve of the industry’s frankly ridiculous love of alternative incentive covers (one to be filed under "shit that gives comic books a bad name"). This sometimes comes to a head, like this week when I picked up a copy of "Ninth Wave: Fight for Jakarta" the font of the title and presence of characters from The Massive indicating this is connected to the series. I picked this up, bagged in the shop, alongside my week's haul, thinking this was an addition to the main story presented in the comics actually titled "The Massive" only to find that this was just The Massive #2 but with a different cover and a higher price point. An issue that I bought when it came out last week.
Also The Massive #2

This is not the first time I’ve been suckered this way.

A word to the wise; if the book is sealed on the shelf, ASK the staff in the shop to have a look, don’t think "Ooh this must some kind of spin-off or prequel, may as well throw that on the pile". Another four quid I’ll never see again, and it didn't even get me slightly drunk.

A word to the publishers; what fucking shenanigans is this? You’ve printed the same fucking book as last week but with a different cover, a different title and no indication that it is a reprint of said differently titled book, just rebranded. At least give us something on the front however subtle that lets us know what book it is. Marvel and other publishers put a little "Variant" or "second printing" on there for those of us not keen on buying the same issue twice with different pictures on the front. Serious dick move.

Rant over.



Tony Ez Esmond said...

I was left a bit cold by The Massive. Good to see the reviews gents.
Always cool.

2badguys said...

Me tto. I can see the potential, but I think I'm dropping it after this opening 3 parter.

2badguys said...

And cheers BTW!