Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Eternity is Not For Me

It's funny how a book can be so promising and yet when you have it in your hands you end up putting it back on the shelf. National Comics: Eternity is that book for me. I love Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth, and Animal Man, and have enjoyed everything else I’ve read by him. I greatly enjoy Cully Hamner’s art too, having followed his work since the 1990s, Hamner, alongside his Gaijin Studios contemporary, Brian Stelfreeze have a real vibrancy in their storytelling and infuse real character in their characters. Their action choreography is exquisite also, noticeably superior to the vast majority of working comic book artists in any genre.

All in all this looks like a great book, but there’s something about the premise and the feel that left me a bit cold. I suppose what I’m trying to say is check out this book in the shop, it wasn't for me but I’m sure it'll be a class act. Let me know what it's like.