Thursday, 17 February 2011

Do you think I'd look good in a yellow rain coat and pink shades?

Action Ash
Mellow Greetings citizens! How are you on this glorious day? I myself, am well and happy, safe in the knowledge that soon I will own the entire run of the original 70's Werewolf by Night. Last Friday I acquired issues #3 to # 19 and soon I shall have completed my collection and no one can stop me!!!

But enough of my evil plans, I'm gonna tell you what I bought this week:

Magnus, Robot Fighter #3 - More pulp Sci-fi nonsense from Shooter and Reinhold. Love it!

Wolverine and Jubilee #2 - Looking forward to seeing what the dynamic duo get up to in this ish. Also loving the return of the yellow raincoat and pink shades. What a classic look, I wish I could pull it off.

Silver Surfer #1 - Interesting that they should bring out a mini series featuring everyones favourite herald of Galactus. I wonder what brought it on?

Marvel Girl One-shot - I like the look of these X-Men issues that are all set in the early days of the mutant's superhero career. Not too keen on the cover but the inside looks nice so we'll see how it goes.

So that's what my week is going to involve. Werewolves, yellow rain coats, pink shades, fist fighting with robots, silver space men and telepathic teenage girls. Sounds good! Catch you on the flip side. \m/