Monday, 19 July 2010

God Hates Nerds? San Diego Westboro Special!

Them crazy backwards hate mongers at Westboro Baptist Church seem to have their sights on us geeks this year, having clearly decided that the US military are too fucking hard they're aiming to share their own brand of Christianity and their homespun homophobia with us comic book readers. Because God Hates Nerds!

Obvious really.

Having seen this image in the article I read about the proposed picket of San Diego Comic Con something about the sign struck me as peculiar. I've read ROM #9 and I don't remember any of that on page 13. Let's have a look.

See? No reference whatsoever. It's clearly ROM fighting Serpentyne for the right to slay wraiths on Earth.

I bet they feel silly now.


Action Ash said...

I think they need to brush up on their Space Knight knowledge.

Haven't they got wikipedia?

Sane said...

HAHAHAH! Very clever Hallahan. You're still going to hell though. See you there! Dil