Thursday, 22 July 2010

What I Got and Why 22/07/10

Atlas #3 - The third-to-last issue of Atlas, which is being cancelled at #5 because readers are dumb and Marvel would rather publish 17 different fucking Deadpool series' a month than something good. Adios Atlas, apparently you weren’t "random" enough, people would rather read about a shitty red ninja making dated pop culture references. Marvel and I are no longer BFFs.

Batman Streets Of Gotham #14 - To my mind, the best of the core Batman titles at the moment, using Batman sparingly to great effect, each storyline focussing on a different denizen of New York's ugly sister. This series is essentially a continuation of Paul Dini's superlative run on Detective Comics
prior to the whole Batman RIP fiasco. Very happy to see that although Man Hunter has finished, we're still getting back up stories.

Prince of Power #3 - Loving this series. It's not great value for money, but it made me laugh aloud on a rush hour train to Kings Cross. I looked like a right twat.

Hellblazer #269 - I’m really enjoying Hellblazer at the moment. This story is kicking the shit out of John, and with any good Hellblazer story, John's loss is the reader's Gain.

Walking Dead #75 - TWD twice in one month? Don't mind if I damn well do! The full-colour back up strip is a doozy that pays off something from #7!

I was hoping to get CBGB #1 but I couldn't see it.