Friday, 2 July 2010

Makes you wonder, Wonder Woman!

Yeah... I’m not a fan.

I'm all for having alternate looks. If it weren't for sartorial changes, we'd still have a massive-eared, purple gloved Batman, a Grey Hulk, Steam Punk Iron Man, Red and Yellow Dare Devil and Top Hat Dead Shot to name a few. On the other hand, we'd never have had Blue Superman, Armoured Spider-Man, Red Superman, Armoured Dare Devil, Mullet Superman, Armoured Captain America, Punk Superman or Armoured John Constantine... OK, I made the last two up.

Sometimes these things work and are taken on permanently, like the aforementioned Dare Devil's full red unitard, sometimes they work for a little while, but clearly have a shelf life, like Spidey's Black Costume, or Bucky-Cap. Oddest of all are the characters that are always changing their looks, like The Wasp or the ever changing Iron Man Armours, or I dunno, all people ever. I'm not even mentioning Hank Pym, Marvel's answer to Mr Benn.

DC want to shake up Wonder Woman for the new decade - new costume, new (dubious sounding) origin. They've tried to make the costume hip, 'Now' and edgy, so they've gone to the cutting edge, renowned fashion-forward costume designer... Jim Lee? WTF? Now when marvel wanted to make a statement about super women's fashion, they hired "Shawn Dudley, the Emmy-Award Winning Costume Designer for TV's Guiding Light". Now, I don’t know what Guiding Light is, but I know what an award winning costume designer is, and what it is, is a better idea than hiring Jim "just add a jacket and some straps" Lee, even if he is your new Co-Publisher.

This Wonder Woman design isn't awful, but it's a flash in the pan if ever I saw one, and a foolish one too. I mean the original is ridiculous and impractical, but damn, it's iconic! It's fantastically kitch. This new one seems like a cross between 90s Avengers Costumes and Buffy the Budget TV Show Super Hero (I think that's what the show was called). No fucker's going to buy merch from that.



Sane said...

Hilarious my good man! I agree!!! Dil