Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What I Got and Why 8/6/10

Due to late deliveries and a (fucking awesome) free Rage Against the Machine gig, I got my comics late this week and thus half of what I wanted had sold out. Drat. Here's what I got and why anyway...

iZombie #2 - I enjoyed #1 more than Action Ash did, but like Ash, I'm not 100% sold yet; hopefully this issue will hook me. Who am I kidding? I bought it for the art.

Sweet Tooth #10 - This is a wonderfully bizarre book. I'm really enjoying the journey. I'm a new Jeff Lemire convert.

7 Psychopaths #1- This came out last week, but I only just procured a copy. It's also Action Ash's pick for swapshop. I'm a big Sean Phillips fan, so I've got high hopes.
Avengers: Prime #1 - I'm interested, but don't have high hopes. I like the characters, and I like Alan Davies, but I'm in full Bendis-Backlash mode at the moment. Hearing that this is bi-monthly doesn't make me more inclined to follow it.

Empowered: Volume 1 - This really isn't my usual cuppa tea, but it was what we had to read for the Comic Book of the Month Club on Facebook. It had it's moments.
I wanted to get Mystery Society, Chimichanga and Bullet-Proof Coffin too, but couldn't find copies.



Valhallahan said...

Well I won't be reading Avengers Prime again. I read that in like 2 seconds. $3.99?

Action Ash said...

I want to get Bullet-proof coffin too. I didn't see it on the shelves.
I hope it's around next week or someone's getting stabbed.

Valhallahan said...

Bullet-Proof Coffin definitely came out I read a review of it on another site.