Thursday, 24 June 2010

On the pulse!

Action Ash

"Stronger than a whale he can swim anywhere,
he can breath underwater and go flying through the air"

That's right suck bags.
Hark, for the Sub-Mariner is back with his own ongoing series this August. It's penned by Stuart Moore and scribbled by Ariel Olivetti with a cover by Jae Lee and a variant by Quesada himself.

I, a fan of the ankle winged aqua king, am quite excited!
Unfortunately it's going to be tied up with the X-Men vampire shit that's coming our way, which is a bit of a bummer. I don't think Namor works with the X-Men, especially with the tenuous link that is the "Atlanteans are mutants too" idea.
Hopefully after the Vampire thing has run it's course Namor will get to go his own way, for incredible underwater adventures and tales of pomp and pageantry in the vein of Stan Lee's version of the character. Alas, I do not think this will come true, however it could still be good.

Imperius Rex!