Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Grim Hunt Begins!

Spider-Man #634

The Grim Hunt Part 1
Written by Joe Kelly
Art by Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano

Action Ash
Grim Hunt has begun and it is pretty cool! I haven't read Spider-man in years but I had to pick this up and try it. I'm glad I did because I wasn't disappointed.

Kraven's kin are out for Spider blood and will stop at nothing till all the Spider related heroes are dead.

I was gripped from the start and was left wanting more. The story was well written and even though I haven't been following Spidey it was easy to get into and I didn't feel lost at any point.

The artwork is fantastic and soooo different to the Spider-Man aesthetic I'm used to. A far cry from the colourful silver age style adventures, it was a much darker more mature take on the web slinger. I suppose you could say it was "grim" at parts and therefore really suited the story. It was very noir "adult comics" so Valhallahan will probably want to marry it.

Also there's two back up features. The first, entitled Hunting the Hunter was mediocre and left me with no great sense of pleasure or displeasure. The second was an interesting two pager from Stan Lee himself. It's 12 part series, so it should be interesting to see where Lee takes it.

4 Russians chasing a guy in a red and blue leotard out of 5


2badguys said...

I'll at least buy it dinner and see how it goes.