Thursday, 29 April 2010

What I got and why.

American Vampire #2 –Vampires aint always my bag, but I’m trying this out, and it hasn’t disappointed so far.
Scalped #37 – ‘cause it’s fucking great, as always.
Detective Comics #864 - I’m getting this because of the awesome JH Williams art and Greg Rucka’s take on Bat-Woma… WTF? Someone seems to have put Arkham Reborn #4 in between the covers of my Detective Comics! Fuck that. Question back-up strip is still strong though.
Streets of Gotham #11 – Liking the stories, loving the back-up. This is going strong for me.
Captain America #605 – Steve who? Sorry I was made deaf by how awesome Bucky is. Hating the Nomad back up strip.
Avengers vs Atlas #4 – This series hasn’t set my world on fire, but the Agents of Atlas are always great fun.
The Walking Dead #71- Another series that goes from strength to strength.
Stumptown #3 - I like crime, I like Greg Rucka, I like Stumptown.