Sunday, 25 April 2010

Bloc review

Action Ash
Valhallahan and I recently attended UniCon, a small comics convention at the University of Hertfordshire and part of their Uni comics festival. There were a lot of indie comics creators pimping their wares and local comics shops spreading the word.
So the two bad guys decided to get all pretentious and review some comics from the British indie scene.
First up:

Written by Oli Smith
Art by Oliver Lambden

A strange little tale about a stone man who gets washed up on the beach of a strange island populated only by floating blocks, which he then decides to smash. I know, weird right? However although it sounds like the scribblings of a retard, it was a genuinely enjoyable read. It immediately made me think of some kind of surreal platform/puzzle video game (something to think about guys) and I wanted to know what the hell was going to happen next. It's definitely the most original of the indie comics that I've seen around.

The art was really nice. Simple looking but deceptively detailed, with an impressive use of shading which gave it a depth it would not of otherwise had.

In summary, fun and original

Four floating blocks out of five.

If you would like to check out the artist got to


Luke Fletcher said...

Man, they never did anything that cool when I was at UH :(

Then again, it does sound a bit like unicorn, so that's a little odd.

I still feel like I missed out :P