Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spider-Man: Fever #1

Spider-Man: Fever #1
Brendan McCarthy & Steve Cook

Whoa Daddy-O, what a total trip! There were all kinds of whacky fly-guys and one gone daddy in red and blue ninja pyjamas beatin’ on some bald feather-man. Some Errol Flynn lookin’ square in a cape was there too. Momma, am I going goofy?

Sorry what? Oh right, the review.

Spider-Man Fever is a wonderfully bizarre crossover with Dr Strange, psychedelia supplied by Brendan McCarthy on Story and Art duties. Now I wouldn’t like to cast aspersions on the character of Mr McCarthy, but this trippy little number didn’t come from evenings sipping Horlicks in front of Eastenders. It’s nice to see Doc Strange in a tale with visuals worthy of his Ditko roots and that’s what we get here, a Ditko-looking journey of lost souls and kooky spider-people. A great choice for anyone looking for an off beat journey into mystery with two (okay, One and a half) of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

Three and a half spiked Tizers out of Five