Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Mighty Thor #1

 The Mighty Thor #1
Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Olivier Coipel

Action Ash
I have yet to see the motion picture known as Thor. I'm not particularly happy about this, so to console myself I have decided to review the first issue of the new ongoing The Mighty Thor. The original  title has reverted back to Journey into Mystery but seems to be concentrating on Loki, so I guess this is where Thor's main adventures will happen from now on.

Firstly, it looks great! I'm not surprised by this as I've always enjoyed Coipel's work. Asgard looks epic, as it should, and human and fantasy creatures alike are handled with great mastery. Laura Martin leads a trio of colourists that beautifully embellish the art, making the mundane, the cosmic and the fantastical equally attractive to look at. I praised Miss Martin recently in my post about Fear itself. This is the first time I've noticed a colourist as much as I would an artist, and I thoroughly enjoy her work.

Story wise not much happens, however it seems that this is just a set up for what could possibly be an epic meeting of Galactus and Thor. I enjoyed the side plot concerning the citizens of Broxton and their collective crisis of faith due to living so close to divine beings and witnessing their exploits. Also I enjoyed the dialogue. It was well crafted and notably every character had their own "voice" and expressed themselves according to how that character would speak (unlike a Bendis book).

Nice read, but doesn't take long. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

 3 sticks of "great stabbing" out of 5