Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fear itself: The crossover I've been waiting for.

Action Ash
Having read the one shot prologue and first issue of Fear Itself I am excited. I haven't been properly excited about a crossover since Civil War. I skipped Secret Invasion ("OMG! Everyone's a Skrull") because it didn't look particularly good and from what I've since heard from other people, it wasn't. I enjoyed the Dark Reign equilibrium but that obviously had to come to an end, which it did in a massively disappointing four issue fight sequence (the highlight of which, for me, was the Sentry being killed off and thrown into the sun). The most recent of these events, Shadowland, was good but it was a relatively small one and didn't quite fill the hole within me.

Now Fear itself is here, the first issue of which certainly grabbed my attention. And the best thing about it? It actually has a story. There is a bit action in the issue but not too much because the creators want to present to you the beginnings of a Sci-fi/Fantasy epic. The artwork does not let it down either. Immonen has beautifully crafted each page with the aid of Laura Martin, whose vibrant colours bring the pages to life.

I loved the first issue and I'm hoping it will stay this good throughout.I recommend anyone with an interest in superhero fiction trying this because I think it's what we've been waiting for. I look forward to the next issue, I think it will be most excellent and I hope I'm not wrong.


2badguys said...

My problem with Secret Invasion was "OMG Everyone's a Skrull!....Oh wait, just Jarvis the Butler and Spider-Woman actually. Sorry for all the fuss, I'll let myself out."